Instructions on mask:

For your health, we recommend a simple 4-step check before use

1. The overall appearance of the masks is not damaged or seriously polluted;

2. The headband has no damage and good elasticity;

3. No broken or broken nose clip;

4. If there is a breathing valve, check the condition of the breathing valve and valve piece to prevent damage or loss;


The correct way to wear it 

1. The nose clip is outwards, and both hands pull one ear band respectively to ensure the nose clip is up;

2. Put on the mask, place the chin in the mask, and buckle the ear strap behind the ear with both hands;

3. Adjust the mask to a comfortable position and make it fit the face;

4. Press the index finger and middle finger of both hand to adjust the nose clip until it pressed against the bridge of the nose; 

5. Conduct air tightness check

N95 is used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face....
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